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Age 6 from Lithia, FL

Brynley's happy place is being surrounded by animals!

Why did you go vegan?

We are a vegan family, so Brynley has been vegan since birth and has been an advocate since she could talk. Though shy, she has always vocalized her strong beliefs about veganism inspiring friends, family and teachers. She even wrote and illustrated a book about veganism to help relay her message.

What is your fave vegan food?

peaches, radishes, blueberries, veggie pad see ew and vegan chocolate cake

What is the #1 way you like to help animals?

In lieu of birthday gifts, Brynley always collects donations for her favorite local sanctuaries Peacefield, Florida Rescue Farm, Shelter Farm Sanctuary and Kindred Spirits. This year she also hosted two virtual dance class fundraisers and one where she drew pictures for anyone who donated.