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Age 11 from Edison, NJ

Nirvaan is a super hero for animals, he is a passionate activist, he clearly articulates that being vegan for animals and the planet is just the right thing.

Why did you go vegan?

Nirvaan's mother raised him vegan from day 1, however, Nirvaan is vegan for his own reasons, because he loves animals and doesn't want to see them harmed at all. He is saddened by animal abuse and wants it to stop in his lifetime.

What is your fave vegan food?

Mac and Cheese

What is the #1 way you like to help animals?

Nirvaan says he loves to help animals by doing any kind activism and by volunteering at farm animal sanctuaries. Nirvaan participates in countless events like cubes, disruptions, outreach, protests, NARD, marches, & animal rescues. He's especially talented at Chalking.