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Age 10 from Knoxville, TN

Proving you are never too young to make a difference, Shayler inspires the next generation to love & respect animals and be a voice for those that have none!

Why did you go vegan?

I realized I can’t show love for certain animals like dogs and cats and not for others like cows and chickens. By being vegan I know I am not hurting any animals by eating them, animals can stay with their moms & I feel in my heart it is the right thing to do!

What is your fave vegan food?

Pizza, hot dogs, & ice cream

What is the #1 way you like to help animals?

I love sharing my vegan life with my friends! I love seeing kids like me understand that being vegan is not as hard as they may think & you are not missing out on your favorite foods. Inspiring kids to join me helps the animals & saves their lives!