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Age 11 from New Port Richey, FL

VeganEvan wants every kid & adult to know, “You can & WILL make a difference if you try... So Join Us, Go Vegan & Get Active, because the Animals Need YOU Now!”

Why did you go vegan?

Evan went vegan for the animals when he was 5, as soon as he understood that the ways they’re being harmed by our choices. Despite an attempt to talk him out of going vegan that day, he exclaimed,”If Animals are getting hurt, and I don’t need it, then I don’t want it!” & we’ve been Vegan ever since!

What is your fave vegan food?

Cashew Cheese Quesadillas with Cashew Sour Cream

What is the #1 way you like to help animals?

Evan really likes interacting with people, so he really loves doing pretty much all of the “boots-on-the-ground” activism, where we have opportunities to help educate our fellow human beings and reach them in all different ways! He also enjoys visiting sanctuaries, & giving the rescued animals love!