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PETA Kids has picked our 2023 All-Star for Animals Contest winners. Congratulations to winners Leilani and Daylan and runners-up Dani and Lana! Leilani and Daylan have won the title of All-Star for Animals, a shipment of delicious vegan cookies from Maya’s Cookies each month for one year (12 total), an assortment of PETA Kids items, and a special award. The runners-up will each receive a box of vegan cookies from Maya’s Cookies, an award, and a PETA Kids T-shirt. Read more about these compassionate kids below.

Congratulations to Leilani and Daylan of Hillsdale, NJ!

These two siblings are our 2023 All-Star for Animals Contest winners. 🎉

Leilani and Daylan have been vegan their whole lives. They both feel passionate about remaining vegan because they would never want to hurt animals. Leilani, who is 10 years old, says she chooses to stay vegan because in her heart she feels like a good person when she advocates for animals. Both kids are driven to advocate for those used for food—such as pigs, chickens, cows, and bees. Daylan, who is 7 years old, also thinks it’s really important to speak up for animals used for used for entertainment.

You can often find Leilani and Daylan at marches and protests with their parents. The two siblings like to lead marches and chant about going vegan. Leilani has also worked with her mom to create an animal rights group for kids in her area, called the Kids Animal Club. She thinks it’s important to let her peers know about ways they can be kind to animals. So far, the club has spoken about watching out for animals crossing the road, like ducks or turtles, and picked up trash in their local park, which helps keep animals’ natural habitat clean. In addition, these two are the only vegan kids in their school, and they think it’s really important to show others just how easy it is to be vegan.

When Leilani and Daylan aren’t out being loud for animals, they like to spend time at home with the rest of their family. Both kids rave about their mom’s home-cooked meals, saying that she makes the best vegan lasagna and mac ’n’ cheese. Although the siblings care about all animals, Leilani feels especially drawn to dogs and pigs while Daylan loves elephants for their large size and gentle demeanor.

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Congratulations to Dani and Lana of Eastham, MA!

These sisters are our 2023 All-Star for Animals Contest runners-up. 😊

Dani was raised vegetarian from birth and went vegan seven years ago, when she turned 5. She had asked her mom how ice cream was made, and after learning about the cruelty of the dairy industry, she and her mom both went vegan. Her 7-year-old sister, Lana, has been raised vegan from birth. Both girls feel passionate about speaking up for animals used for food and have never looked back. They love to cook at home with their mom and help make some of the best vegan recipes, from pizza and French toast to tiramisu and peppermint crinkle cookies.

These kind girls never stop educating others about animal issues. They both know that animals have feelings and that it’s wrong to take anything that belongs to them, like their eggs, wool, or feathers. Dani makes sure her activism shows through in her schoolwork, while Lana does a great job talking to her friends about animal issues. She’s particularly passionate about encouraging others to avoid marine parks and to watch wildlife in their natural habitat, like at the beach, instead. These sisters also speak up for animals online! They help their mom make short-form videos about what it’s like to be a vegan and what other families can do to help animals.

When Dani grows up, she wants to be an animal rights lawyer so she can continue to advocate for animals through her career. Lana hopes to run an animal sanctuary with her sister and own a vegan clothing shop where she can sell her own upcycled items.

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To all the kind kids who entered this year’s contest, thank you for all that you do to help animals. Each nominee is a true winner for being such a superhero to animals, and we hope you’ll enter again next year!