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PETA Kids has picked our 2022 All-Star for Animals Contest winner. Congratulations to Nirvaan and runner-up Serenity! Nirvaan has won the title of All-Star for Animals, a shipment of delicious vegan cookies from Maya’s Cookies each month for one year (12 total), an assortment of PETA Kids items, and a special award. The runner-up will receive a box of vegan cookies from Maya’s Cookies, an award, and a PETA Kids T-shirt. Read more about these two compassionate kids below.

Congratulations to 11-Year-Old Nirvaan of Edison, NJ!

He’s our 2022 All-Star for Animals. 🎉

Nirvaan has been vegan his whole life. Although his mom raised him that way, he’s vegan now because he doesn’t want animals to be harmed. He’s also passionate about advocating for animals. He knows that they aren’t here for us to use in any way and takes every chance he can to share that information with others.

You can often find Nirvaan at protests and marches with his mom and a family friend as they speak up for animals used for food or clothing. He loves to chalk animal rights messages on the sidewalk in order to share information about being kind to animals far and wide and hands out PETA Kids guides and comics to his peers. He also spoke up in behalf of animals trapped in a roadside zoo after the facility became flooded, and he shared the results of his own research on why they should be moved to true sanctuaries.

Nirvaan has three adopted cats, and he loves to spend time with them, play with them, and build cat castles for them to enjoy. When he grows up, he wants to be a vegan chef, and he currently enjoys making tofu scrambles and baking delicious treats with his mom’s help.

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Congratulations to 11-Year-Old Serenity of Sanford, FL!

She’s our 2022 All-Star for Animals Runner-Up. 😊

Serenity went vegan six years ago. Her mom wanted to make a change and encouraged the whole family to go vegan. Since Serenity’s first bite of a tofu nugget, she has never looked back, and she enjoys eating vegan and speaking up for animals. She engages in activism with her family, and she attends protests all over Florida with her parents and brother.

Serenity is passionate about speaking up for animals used for food, horses forced to pull carriages, and the animals suffering at SeaWorld. She knows that animals aren’t ours to use in any way and that it’s important to share this information and speak up for them. She loves talking about her vegan lifestyle with her friends at school and encourages them to try it themselves.

When she grows up, Serenity wants to be a famous gymnast and own her own vegan restaurant. She loves trying new restaurants and making food for others to enjoy. She currently likes baking cakes, making pancakes, and putting together her own vegan lunches.

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To all the kind kids who entered this year’s contest, thank you for all that you do to help animals. Each nominee is a true winner for being such a superhero to animals, and we hope you’ll enter again next year!